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I am truly a work of art of which God is making me a masterpiece to use in his service by the help of wise people in my life but more importantly by letting his word transform me day by day till I become more like his son Jesus my Savior and Lord.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The God who heals

Just when you think work will be boring and life is going to be boring. you get sick like I did yesterday. i felt bad at work so i got off early and head to 21st century christian there i got two new books. By the time i reached nashville because of my prayer i was healed ptl. I got the handb ook of denomations and seeking the lasting city. I saw tom tignor and got 10 percent off. Went to Lipscomb and got to see brother leaver, black, camp and davis. I found out some more information about the school and had great time talking to ryan smith and his wife of class of 99 not my cousin about old times and the present. It was good time to get away from the mundaneness of life. Afterward i talked to mom and spent the rest of the day reading or surfing on the web. I thank God for a perfect day and may he bless my life with more days like this. I talked to doug he can meet me and michele around 1105 to 1115 am on sunday it will be great to have the three amigos again thats me, michele and doug a gathering of the brains.


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